Holiday Ideas

Pumpkin Slice Cookies

Pumpkin Slice Cookies just in time for Thanksgiving!

You can use your favorite sugar cooking recipe or shortbread recipe.

To make mini-pie slices use a knife to cut simple circles into wedges. The size of the cookies will depend on what size cutter you use.

1. When it comes to circle cutters I love graduated sets because I always have the size I need. If you have a mini-candy corn cutter, that would work too. I used a four inch round cutter so the baked cookies were about two inches in length.

2. To make these cookies you will need:
Pumpkin orange 20-second icing {I mix tulip red, egg yellow, and a little warm brown}
Stiff-ish crust colored piping icing {I mixed ivory with a little warm brown}
Stiff white piping icing
3. Begin by flooding the wedges with orange 20-second icing and let dry.

4. To make the crust, position a #101 tip near the left corner of the cookie, thin side up. Slowly move up and down in a loose “M” shape until you reach the opposite side.

5. Use a boo-boo stick or toothpick to clean up any sharp points if necessary. If you’re new to petal tips, don’t let them intimidate you. Practice on a paper towel until you feel confident.

6. Finish up by using a star tip to add a dollop of whipped cream. I used a #16, but an #18 would work well too.

Including the crust my mini pie cookies were just a little over two inches long. Use these cuties to fill Mason jars for an adorable gift.  If you really want your pumpkin pie cookie to taste like pumpkin, try the pumpkin spice variation of my cookie recipe or one of these:

Pumpkin Slice Cookies
* Found these great cookies from

How to Use Jute Webbing

Have you often wondered how to use Jute Webbing?

Jute webbing is available in many beautiful colors for year around crating projects.  It comes in the basic black, holiday green, luscious blue/purple and bight and cherry red/orange.  So the question is how to use jute webbing?

Jute Webbing DIY Craft Projects

1. Decorating candles by wrapping the jute webbing around the candle and using Craft and Hobby Tape to secure the webbing.  Next add the upholstery tacks or vintage jewelry for the finishing touch.  Enjoy a few of my favorite ideas below.  A cute little shop called Vignette Designs, Opulent Cottage & Organized Clutter

Great ideas from vingettedigins c768ddb8c22ffbbd16c2dd0836ca5082 Organizeclutter 2 3









Jute Table Table Linens

How about weaving a  table runner with jute webbing?  To keep it in place I use Craft and Hobby tape but you can sew the jute webbing or even us a hot glue gun.  To pop the colors why not weave two colors of jute webbing, orange & black for Halloween, red & green for Christmas, blue for Hanuka.  The jute webbing creates a ambiance from rustic to French Country to Shabby Chic.

Red Jute Webbing Table RunnerRuffle with Red Jute WebbingBlack Jute Webbing Table Runner for Vignette DesignTara Dennis table runner projectTara Dennis table runnerMartha Stewart Jute Runner Project








Download Table Runner Project by Tara Dennis

Download Table Runner or Hall Runner from Martha Steward Living

Other Craft Project

Our friends at Jodees Inc, shared a great Tote made with Craft & Hobby Tape and Burlap Jute webbing.   Craft & Hobby tape is a double sided adhesive tape that will bond to most any texture.  It can be used with fabric, paper, bricks, metal, etc.  When you apply it to the application it takes 24 hours to cure and the your project is permanent as well as machine washable. ( Check fabric for washing instructions).  I love using the craft and hobby tape for trims, small detailed projects and it even sticks to candles.  Below is a video by Debi’s Design for a Jute Webbing Tote Bag.

We offer the finest craft and upholstery jute webbing  in several colors and widths.  It is sold in small 4 yard packages as well as 12 yard and 72 yard full rolls.  It comes in Red/Orange, Blue Purple, Green, Black and Natural. We ship your orders 1-2 days by priority mail.  Starts at $3.99 4 yard package.  Order Today!

Red jute webbingBlue/Purple Craft Jute WebbingGreen Craft Jute WebbingBlack Craft and Upholstery Jute WebbingNatural Jute Webbing