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FAQ Making Roman Shades ⋆ Home Sewing Depot

FAQ Making Roman Shades

Questions About Making Roman Shades?

Here is a list of questions and answers that might help you when making roman shades!

Question: I have to make several roman shades and I’m using Pure White Linen and a white sateen lining. What is the best way to finished the side hems?

1. Tucking the fabric together like drapery side hems or

2. Laying the lining on top of the face fabric, placing it just short of edge and use adhesive tape or iron on tape like Do fix or Sealah Tape


1,  I personally prefer when making roman shades to marry the fabrics together while the are on the table with adhesive tape. The fabric is always straight/square and does not have bulk on the sides. If it is a inside mount, most windows have a slightly different width at the top and bottom.

2. I’m not a lover of fabricating Romans, but I’ve made many. I did a
house cross country that had many Romans, having the someone else take all of the inside measurements. Everyone of them fit perfectly. I’m an advocate of
folding in side hems of body, then fold in side hems of lining toward the
main fabric, making it 1/4″ narrower each side. It’s less bulky.

3.  2″ single fold side hems in fabric shades works really great, with the lining flat laid in, fold to fold. Serge the cut edges of the 1 3/4′” -2″ hem and hand sew or use a double sided adhesive like steam n seam or Sealah tape.  The rings also hlep secure the hems and lining. I like this low bulk method, when the shade is up the sides do not stack so differently from center of the shade. The longer the shade, the more the 4 + layer hem acts differently from the center, shades can look somewhat dippy in the middle. Hand sewing hems is not a faster alternative to fusible tapes, but not a huge amount of time either. Depending on how careful you are, a small bead of fabric glue can also hold hems in place, set the glue with an iron but high heat is not required.

Question: What is the best fabric to use when making roman shades?

Answer: We have found that natural fabrics like cotton, linen, hemp or a blend with mostly cotton will work for shades.

Polyester and acrylic fabrics are not always as trainable to create the soft folds in the shade.

Question: Which sew on shade ring is the best?Roman Shade Rings

Answer: You have 5 choices when it comes to selecting sew on shade rings when making roman shades.  My new tag line has become Buy Nice Not Twice!

  • Forever Clear Rings are the same size as the others but they are made with poly carbonate and will not break, crack or chip over time. ***
  • Acrylic Clear or Acrylic White Rings are UV resilient but over time they will crack or break.  Maybe your ready for a change anyway?
  • Brass Rings are 3/8″ ID and 9?16″ OD  Made of zinc and brass plating
  • Nickle Finished Rings 3/8″ ID and 9?16″ OD  Made of zinc and nickel plating

All the rings will work but I highly recommend that your use metal or Forever Clear Rings as the bottom rings when sewing them to your shade,  The bottom shade rings are the weight bearing rings and this is where you need the strength.

Question:  How Far a part  should my rings be?

Answer:  For child and pet safety it is recommended that the vertical space should be no further than 8″ a part.

RingLockRing Locks are the safest and least expensive way to protect children.  The ring lock prevents the cord from pulling out from behind the shade more than the 8 inches, therefore a child can not get it’s head inside of the vertical cord.

Ring Locks are are made from poly-carbonate and they are durable to use on any roman shade.

Question:  Where Do I Find Directions For Making Roman Shades

Answer: There is a lot of info on the internet but some of the things you read you will need to check out the facts.. It is out dated and the Safety Rules have change over the past few years.  There is always something new on the market that you can use to fabricate better roman shades.  So if you have doubts about what your reading feel free to contact Claudia.

There are easy No Sew Instructions on Home Sewing Depot No Sew Roman Shade

Send me your questions and I will try my best to find the correct answer or suggestion for your project.

***  polycarbonate (aka Lexan or Makrolon) and acrylic sheet (aka Lucite) are two of the most frequently used see-through plastics. … Acrylic is shinier and polycarb is stronger. Acrylic is less expensive but easier to crack. Polycarb is more impact resistant and UV resistant.

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