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Ladder Tape For Roman Shades Easy To Use Great Product for Shades

Ladder Tape For Roman Shades

Child Safe Ladder Tape

This is another inexpensive way to assure yourself that your fabric shades and roman shades are safe with small ones in the house hold.

Ladder Tape for Roman Sahdes Ladder tape is easy to  attach to your shade with just a few stitches and it stacks nicely when your shade is pulled up.   You can used any size shade cord in the ladder tape but the 1.4mm is the most popular size shade cord.  We suggest using a upholstery needle when threading the shade cord through the ladder tape,  much easier than doing it by hand and the eye is large enough for the 1.4mm shade cord.

We suggest your ring placement bu NO more than 8″ apart vertically and 12 to 15″ apart horizontally to keep your shade safe and supported when raising and lowering the shade.  (All depends on fabric weight and types of lining used)

1. Tack you ladder tape  to each ring (for lighter weight shades you could omit rings) you can stop the ladder tape at the uppermost ring.  Tie it off to the top and botton rings.

2. Using a large upholstery needle will make threading the shade cord through the ladder tape easier. buy ladder tape now

White Spooled Ladder Tape is available at Home Sewing Depot

10 Yd Roll 1/4″ wide and 5/8″ approximate spacing.

1000 Roll 1/4″ wide and 5/8″ approximate spacing.


Read about making a No Sew Roman Shade

Ladder Tape for Roman Shades

Ladder Tape on shadeSewing Ladder Tape on ShadesAdding Cords throught ladder tape





Roman Shade Ladder Tape complies with fabricating Safe shade products.

Thinking about making custom Roman shades for friends or maybe even clients?  The Workroom Technical School in tyron, NC is a great place to learn from the best in the industry.  Roger and Susan Woodcock opened the school during the fall of 2017 and they have a incredible list of classes and instructors on the agenda for 2018.

Make sure your compliant with the spacing of the shade ribs and folds, no further than 8″ apart although I can’t seem to find it in writing and checked CPSC  and WCSC.

Shade Photos are from Susan Woodcock @ Workroom Tech.

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