RBS Roman Shade System

RBS Roman Shade System is the easiest to use!

RBS - Roman Blind SystemI have been using the RBS Roman Shade System for 15 years in my workroom and my clients love it!  NOW Available for DIY”ers,  it is so easy to add your shade to the RBS Roman Shade System.  Just make a regular shade whether is it sewn or a NO Sew shade and add the Velcro to the back side of the shade across the top.  We suggest using 3/4″ Craft and Hobby tape to adhere the Velcro to the shade, this prevents stitching lines on the front of your shade.

You can use the RBS Roman Shade system for inside mount or outside mount on your windows and doors.   We suggest using Ring Locks with the shade system for child safe blinds.

Important Facts about the RBS Roman Shade System

• Clean, Self Contained Headrail with integrated Velcro hook tape.
• Low Profile: Only 1-⅜” Wide x 1-½” High
• Extruded Aluminum – White Powder Coat
• Simple wall or ceiling mount installation.
• Patented Pull up drums for guaranteed smooth and level operation.
• Heavy Duty 1:4 Gear ratio will hold up to 40#.
• Maximum Shade Size is 228″ (19′) x 144″ (12′) as long as fabric is under 40# total. (See control unit info below.)
• Sleek and easy to use valance components are available.

 How To Use the RBS Roman Shade System

Watch the video by Anita at Helser Brothers out supplier of the RBS Roman Shade System.  Anita shows how easy it is to attach your shade to the system.

Weight Bar — Weight Bar should be cut 1″ (½” per side) smaller than finished shade. This is to prevent it from being readily seen if secured on the back of the shade or to make it possible to secure it within the hem. We will make this deduction when entering work order.

Shade Ribs are used to help the shade raise and lower smoothly and evenly without the need for adjusting and dressing. It makes for a very crisp, straight raising and lowering process. Spines generally are placed at each “line of rings” sewn horizontally across the shade. They will rest on top of the stitches used to secure the rings between the face fabric and lining.

Valance Assembly Parts — The Valance Assembly consists of brackets which snap into the top of the RBS assembly headrail, a “profile” that has Velcro loop installed on the front, and corner pieces used to create the return on an outside mount assembly:

• Valance Brackets — One every 2 to 2-½ feet. These snap easily into the top of the RBS headrail and the profile snaps onto the front of the valance bracket.

• Profile

Inside Mount Application:

The profile may be cut to the exact width of the finished RBS Assembly.

Outside Mount Application:

Tthe profile should be cut 1″ (½” per side) longer than the finished RBS Assembly. A plastic corner piece is
inserted on each side of the front piece and into a 2-½” piece that extends to the wall. The 2-½” return is not adjustable unless the
client is ceiling mounting the shade farther from the wall or using extenders to push the wall brackets further from the wall. The
price for the Profile is figured by adding the face width plus both returns, rounded up to the nearest foot. For Example: A 38″ Shade
would require 39″ + 2-½” + 2-½” of Profile or 43″ total and would be priced at 4′.
RBS – Roman Shade Blind System


  1. Great system , looks awesome, please send us info and brouchures about we want to know also if you guys has different sizes clutches for more weight if the case is more than 40 pounds please let us know

    Name. …Jose Perez
    Address. 7347 Craigmont Bridge Dr
    Cypress Tx 77433

    Email joseflp9@gmail.com

    832 542 1859

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