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Stars & Stripes 4th Of July Projects ⋆ Home Sewing Depot

Stars & Stripes 4th Of July Projects

Quick Stars & Stripes 4th of July Projects

Stars & Stripes 4th of July Projects.  A Stars & Stripes BBQ Apron and a decorative Stars & Stripes4th of July Pillow.  Make both in a afternoon, quick and easy to make.  Stars & Stripes Apron and Pillow

The first thing you need is confidence, because you will most likely be the only sewing gal at your BBQ and your friends will be so jealous that you made something special for the Stars & Stripes 4th of July BBQ.

Lets get started with this simple apron first.

I have included a download but I suggest that you just cut a pattern from a old apron or use a piece of news paper and sketch it out with a magic marker.    I’m included a pattern sketch with sizes, but remember this is your project.   Pick up a couple of yards of fabric of your choice and get creative, you can always make pot holders with the leftover.

The Apron is pretty basic and made from red and white stripe fabric and the trim fabric is navy blue with white stars.   We used a 2″ bias tape maker to make the trim and ties for the apron and finished the sides and hem with a 1/2″ double folded hem.

I found this pattern sketch from another blog and the link in on the directions.  This photo is a great sketch for drawing your apron pattern.  Download Instructions for the Stars & Stripes Apron

Apron sketch

Found this at yardsandyards.blogspot.com

The Stars & Stripes Ruffle Pleat Pillow  is another easy  and quick project for this Patriotic Celebration.   It makes a cute accent pillow for your  patio furniture.
The Pillow is made by pleating strips of folded fabric using the 1″ Quick Pleater. You can sew while you pleat which makes the detail faster.

The project is for a 20″x 18″ Pillow with 6 rows of Stars & Stripes Pillowruffles on the pillow. The rule of thumb is to use 3 times the fabric width to achieve the finished ruffle. I need a 20″ ruffle and I used 60″ of fabric to create each 20″ wide ruffle for the pillow front.

Any size pillow will work for this project.  Each ruffle is sewn to the pillow front starting with the bottom ruffle and working your way to the top.  Each ruffle overlaps the ruffle below by 1/2″ to 1″ to cover up the serged edge.

If you are in a real hurry you could even use Sealah Tape and adhere the ruffles to a ready made pillow and just add extra trim wit the double sided adhesive,  (That’s another class.)

Download Instructions for Stars & Stripes Pillow

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