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Time Saving Canvas Table Grid ⋆ Home Sewing Depot

Time Saving Canvas Table Grid

Do you have a Time Saving Canvas Table Grid?

Using the floor or kitchen table to sew and cut on?   Make you sewing fun and easy with a portable sewing table.

Professional workrooms us a 60″x 144″ table to cut draperies, shades and bedding, but if you sew from home we don’t always have the space for such a large professional workroom table with a time saving canvas table grid.  We now offer a canvas table grid for the home sewer and you can just cover and pad a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood.

Time Saving Canvas Table Grid

Canvas Table Grid Features:  Order Here! www.homesewingdepot.com

  • 14.5 oz cotton canvas Designed to fit a table 60 inches wide x 6ft, 8ft, 10ft,or 12ft length
  • Table-end markings centered at 0 for easy sizing of swags and roman shades
  • Numbered along both long sides Version A: Begins at 0 Version B: Begins at -10 Installation Instructions Included
  • NEW SIZE 48″ X 8′ for a standard sheet of plywood and includes a pillow grid at the end.
  • $147.50 to $237.50 includes freight at www.HomeSewingDepot.com

Workroom Table Instructions

The table must have a pin-able surface such as Foam core insulation or R-board on top of the plywood. The next layer would be a special dense padding such as thermal carpet pad insulation, then a layer of 3/4oz batting and end with a canvas table grid cover.
The correct worktable should be your first investment. There are two major reasons for this:
1. Efficiency. Having a proper table and learning how to use it efficiently will dramatically increase your output.
2. Ergonomics. This means being kind to your back! I have heard of folks working with fabric spread out on the floor. You can create severe physical problems by working on the floor or working on a table that is too low.
If you are going to make window treatment fabrication your long-term career, then you need to do whatever you have to do to obtain and use the correct table! The height of the table should be elbow height to no more than four inches below elbow height. The closer the table is to elbow height the better it is for your back—but you still need to be able to reach the middle of the 60-inch-wide table.
Most tables are built at 32” – 38” high depending on your needs and 12’ long.
Building a 4’x8’ portable worktable, typical size drapery worktables are 5  foot wide and 12 foot long

1. Using a ¾ “plywood as top frame the bottom with 2×2’s to prevent warping
2. Spread Panel adhesive on plywood to adhere foam board insulation

Framing underside of worktable   Adding Adhesive to hold core foam




3. Applying the foam board insulation
Apply Foam Core to Plywood







4. Foam Board Insulation is approximately 1” thick 4’x 8’
5. Apply a layer of auto thermal carpet pad insulation

Foam Core on Plywood

Upholstery Insulation





6. Stapled thermal carpet pad insulation
7. Add a layer of ¾ once of poly batting and staple tight

stapling carpet pad   Adding Batting for final padding




Now apply the new time saving canvas table grid. Follow all instructions to install the canvas top.   Download Instructions Now  


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