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Ladder Tape For Roman Shades

Child Safe Ladder Tape

This is another inexpensive way to assure yourself that your fabric shades and roman shades are safe with small ones in the house hold.

Ladder Tape for Roman Sahdes Ladder tape is easy to  attach to your shade with just a few stitches and it stacks nicely when your shade is pulled up.   You can used any size shade cord in the ladder tape but the 1.4mm is the most popular size shade cord.  We suggest using a upholstery needle when threading the shade cord through the ladder tape,  much easier than doing it by hand and the eye is large enough for the 1.4mm shade cord.

We suggest your ring placement bu NO more than 8″ apart vertically and 12 to 15″ apart horizontally to keep your shade safe and supported when raising and lowering the shade.  (All depends on fabric weight and types of lining used)

1. Tack you ladder tape  to each ring (for lighter weight shades you could omit rings) you can stop the ladder tape at the uppermost ring.  Tie it off to the top and botton rings.

2. Using a large upholstery needle will make threading the shade cord through the ladder tape easier. buy ladder tape now

White Spooled Ladder Tape is available at Home Sewing Depot

10 Yd Roll 1/4″ wide and 5/8″ approximate spacing.

1000 Roll 1/4″ wide and 5/8″ approximate spacing.


Read about making a No Sew Roman Shade

Ladder Tape for Roman Shades

Ladder Tape on shadeSewing Ladder Tape on ShadesAdding Cords throught ladder tape





Roman Shade Ladder Tape complies with fabricating Safe shade products.

Thinking about making custom Roman shades for friends or maybe even clients?  The Workroom Technical School in tyron, NC is a great place to learn from the best in the industry.  Roger and Susan Woodcock opened the school during the fall of 2017 and they have a incredible list of classes and instructors on the agenda for 2018.

Make sure your compliant with the spacing of the shade ribs and folds, no further than 8″ apart although I can’t seem to find it in writing and checked CPSC  and WCSC.

Shade Photos are from Susan Woodcock @ Workroom Tech.

Topstitch Needles Best Needles

The Right Sewing Machine Topstitch Needles

Using the Topstitch needles will make sewing a breeze. I have been using  Topstitch Needles (titanium coated needles) in all of my machines for years.  Using the right sewing machine needle is most important.Topstitch Needles

Titanium-coated needles have been available for longarm and industrial machines for many years but these are the first titanium-coated Topstitch style needles made for home machines. They  have partnered with Organ Needle Company (Japan) to bring the latest technology of titanium-coated needles to the Topstitch and Microtex style for home machines.

Because these titanium-coated needles have an ultra thin coat of titanium nitride, they will stay sharper longer and outlast any current Topstitch or Microtex needle on the market.

We offer

Understanding the Sewing Machine Needle by Superior Threads

One of the most significant parts of today’s home machines is often the least appreciated and most obscure – the needle. A sewing machine needle is a slender strand of metal, shaped to precision, which delivers thread to the machine to create a stitch. We spend thousands of dollars on the most advanced machines, acquire the best digitized designs, use the most lustrous thread, and the most beautiful fabric to produce our projects. But all too often this is all for naught because we either use an old, worn, damaged needle or we use the wrong needle for the fabric. Needles can be damaged by normal use. You don’t have to hit a pin while sewing to damage your needle. They can become dull, bent, damaged or get misshapen eyes through normal sewing. All these contribute to frustrating thread breaks and a frayed look on your finished projects. The best advice we can give is this: When you start a new project, start with a new needle. It’s the least expensive part of a superior finished project. Overall, a clean, well functioning needle will result in sharp, well-shaped stitches. Needles are inexpensive and easy to change. Keeping a good topstitch needle in your sewing machine is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to improve your embroidery and sewing projects.
Needle Points

Needles fall into three primary categories — ball point, sharp, and rounded-sharp. It is important to use the correct needle. Ball point needles are designed to avoid making holes in knit or loosely woven materials. The cross fibers which constitute the knit or loosely woven materials are relatively far apart as compared to those in tightly woven materials. If a knit strand of thread is cut with a sharp needle, it produces a hole that will enlarge when the loose fibers pull back from the cut. To prevent this, the ball point needle is designed to push aside the individual strands of the knit. This assumes that the ball point needle point is in good condition. Sharp needles are designed for woven fabrics. Because of the tightness of the weave, individual cut fibers will not pull away and make holes. For this exact reason it is important not to use ball point needles on wovens. The blunt force of a ball point will tear through the fibers and actually pull them in the process, resulting in uneven, irregular embroidery and damage to the fabric. Sharp topstitch needles can be used on all wovens as well as dense fabrics such as leather, vinyl, canvas, etc.

Don’t run short order Topstitch Needles today.

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Velocity 200IR – Pre Order Today

I love my new Velocity 200IR Iron.

The best iron ever!  The iron has truly been worth the wait, even if it was 2 years.

Best Hand Held IronTHE MAGIC
With a patented two heating elements design, the Velocity 200IR pre-heats the water before it reaches the heated soleplate. This guarantees continuous steam even at low temperatures which means delicate fabric like wool can be ironed safely.


Velocity 200IR Home Sewing DepotCOFFEE BREAKS
Our advanced auto shut off bypass feature allows the user to bypass the built-in 8 minute auto shut off and use the iron continuously. This is a great feature for our sewing & quilting project friends.


Steeam... magic Velocity 200IRHOW EASY IS THIS?
By simply placing your hand on the handle (and having the steam button in the on position) the Velocity 200IR springs to life with the most wonderful, voluminous steam you have ever seen in a steam iron.


Tempted to cook with itYOU WILL BE TEMPTED TO COOK WITH IT
Like the finest cookware, the Velocity 200IR features a next generation anodized aluminum soleplate which enhances gliding on all types of fabric.



The all new Velocity 200IR compact vapor generator iron is the ultimate expression of our iron know how. The Velocity 200IR thinks (and more importantly acts) like a pro iron. Water is heated internally so it turns into steam before it even reaches the sole plate (like our pro models). The end result is a steam iron that doesn’t leak and doesn’t spit water and delivers continuous steam that will astonish you.

The goal of all irons is to get out of the way and let you get your ironing done. No other iron allows you do this better than the Velocity 200IR. From its easy to use sensor touch handle to its super glide and scratch resistant anodized aluminum soleplate, the Velocity 200IR is the finest home iron you can invest in.

  • 8 minute auto shut-off
  • Auto bypass shut off feature
  • 1800W heating element
  • 1.25 cups (300 ml) water capacity
  • Anodized Aluminum soleplate

Pre Order Today!  Will ship by Sept 30th – Oct 5th   Click Home Sewing Depot





Rolled Hems – Dreamstitcher 787

Perfect Rolled Hems with the Dreamstitcher 787

The Dreamstitcher 787 portable serger is a great performer. 2-3-4 thread  Dreamstitcher 787
flexibility, robust design and build quality, easy to use
threading, and a wonderful, smooth ride. Economical enough
for home use, robust enough for light commercial use.
Why spend hundreds of dollars more for features that you will
probably never use? The Dreamstitcher 787 has all of the functions that home
sewers and commercial users have asked for.

• Opens up for easy access to lower looper
• Differential feed for stretchy fabric
• Roll edge stitch
• Automatic thread trimmer
• Color coded threading
• Individually tested and
sewn-off before shipping

DREAMSTITCHER787_roll_edge_tn 787
DIFFERENTIAL RATIO 0.7 – 2.0Sew Rolled Hems with the Dreamstitcher 787
DIMENSIONS – NET 12.5” x 11” x 13”
WEIGHT – NET 20 lb – 9 kg
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 15.25” x 12.75” x 13.75”
SHIPPING WEIGHT 26.5 lb – 12 kg


Maven 100IS Home Steam Iron


Say goodbye to ironing fatigue! We’ve combined the latest advancements in iron technology (with the lightest iron ever made) with power of a 3.5 bar steam boiler, Maven 100IS.

Why not let the steam pressure do all the work? With the world’s lightest iron, you can iron effortlessly while getting outstanding professional results.

FEATURESMaven 100IS Home Steam Iron

• Lifetime boiler tank warranty
• 7-8 minute heat up time
• 3.5 cup water capacity
• 50 PSI operating pressure
• Lightweight 1.7 lb. iron
• Locking mechanism for continuous steam
• Steam-ready light
• Soleplate-ready light

Maven 100IS Details

CSS Single tank boiler
WATER CAPACITY 3.5 cups – 0.8L
IRON 1.7 lb – 0.7 kg
TANK CONSTRUCTION Stainless Steel 18/10
CORD LENGTH 67” – 1.7 m
STEAM HOSE 67” – 1.7 m
NET WEIGHT 7.25 lb – 3.3 kg (with iron)
SHIPPING WEIGHT 8.8 lb – 4 kg
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 12” x 8” x 10.5”
WARRANTY Limited 1 year, Lifetime Tank


Using the Upholstery Stripbit –

Using the Upholstery Stripbit

Bonnie ordered the upholstery Stripbit several weeks ago and she just got the chance to use the stripbit.  Bonnie belongs to a upholstery club and is looking forward to sharing the stripbit.

It took just a minute or two to get the hang of the strip bit but then I fell in love with it!
Bonnie Williams
Upholstery and Drapery Studio
Springdale, AR

Pillow Template Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to our Pillow Template Giveaway Winners

9 18 Promotion

1. Danette Swenson, MO & Debbie Hart. FL

Both winners will enjoy our Mini Tapered Corner Pillow Template, 12×18 Rotary Cutting Mat and Olfa Rotary Cutter.  Can’t wait to see the new pillows their going to make with these great tools.

Over 500 Entered the Pillow Giveaway and everyone will receive a 15% discount on:

1. Mini Tapered Corner Template
2. Large Tapered Corner Template
3.  12″ x 18″ Rotary Cutting Mega Mat

Facebook Special ends Nov 4th. Code: FB15
15% Discount on all 3 products. Shop Now!

You can use scissors or a cutting mat and rotary cutter are much faster, either works to prevent the Dog Ear Corners on pillows.

Time Saving Canvas Table Grid

Do you have a Time Saving Canvas Table Grid?

Using the floor or kitchen table to sew and cut on?   Make you sewing fun and easy with a portable sewing table.

Professional workrooms us a 60″x 144″ table to cut draperies, shades and bedding, but if you sew from home we don’t always have the space for such a large professional workroom table with a time saving canvas table grid.  We now offer a canvas table grid for the home sewer and you can just cover and pad a 4′ x 8′ sheet of plywood.

Time Saving Canvas Table Grid

Canvas Table Grid Features:  Order Here! www.homesewingdepot.com

  • 14.5 oz cotton canvas Designed to fit a table 60 inches wide x 6ft, 8ft, 10ft,or 12ft length
  • Table-end markings centered at 0 for easy sizing of swags and roman shades
  • Numbered along both long sides Version A: Begins at 0 Version B: Begins at -10 Installation Instructions Included
  • NEW SIZE 48″ X 8′ for a standard sheet of plywood and includes a pillow grid at the end.
  • $147.50 to $237.50 includes freight at www.HomeSewingDepot.com

Workroom Table Instructions

The table must have a pin-able surface such as Foam core insulation or R-board on top of the plywood. The next layer would be a special dense padding such as thermal carpet pad insulation, then a layer of 3/4oz batting and end with a canvas table grid cover.
The correct worktable should be your first investment. There are two major reasons for this:
1. Efficiency. Having a proper table and learning how to use it efficiently will dramatically increase your output.
2. Ergonomics. This means being kind to your back! I have heard of folks working with fabric spread out on the floor. You can create severe physical problems by working on the floor or working on a table that is too low.
If you are going to make window treatment fabrication your long-term career, then you need to do whatever you have to do to obtain and use the correct table! The height of the table should be elbow height to no more than four inches below elbow height. The closer the table is to elbow height the better it is for your back—but you still need to be able to reach the middle of the 60-inch-wide table.
Most tables are built at 32” – 38” high depending on your needs and 12’ long.
Building a 4’x8’ portable worktable, typical size drapery worktables are 5  foot wide and 12 foot long

1. Using a ¾ “plywood as top frame the bottom with 2×2’s to prevent warping
2. Spread Panel adhesive on plywood to adhere foam board insulation

Framing underside of worktable   Adding Adhesive to hold core foam




3. Applying the foam board insulation
Apply Foam Core to Plywood







4. Foam Board Insulation is approximately 1” thick 4’x 8’
5. Apply a layer of auto thermal carpet pad insulation

Foam Core on Plywood

Upholstery Insulation





6. Stapled thermal carpet pad insulation
7. Add a layer of ¾ once of poly batting and staple tight

stapling carpet pad   Adding Batting for final padding




Now apply the new time saving canvas table grid. Follow all instructions to install the canvas top.   Download Instructions Now